Academic Requirement

Academic Requirement

  • B average (approximately 70%)
    in the student’s last 2 years of school
  • Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or principal: Use form provided

English Ability

High school students require the following levels of English ability before being admitted to the program and are strongly advised to study English before coming to Canada. Students with a low English level will likely need extra time to meet their academic goals.

  • Grade 9: High Beginner
  • Grade 10: Intermediate
  • Grade 11: High Intermediate
  • Grade 12: Advanced

Although there is no English-speaking requirement for elementary students, we recommend that students have some knowledge of English that includes reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Accommodation Requirement

  • Have a custodian in Ottawa (if under 18 years of age)
  • Live with a family (students may not live on their own)

Application deadline

  • High School
    • May 31st for the September entry
    • November 30th for the February entry
  • Elementary School
    • May 31st for the September entry

 Note: Applications will be considered after the deadline according to circumstances.
Please contact us.

Levels of English Language Proficiency Defined

ESLAO – Beginner

• Understand, read and retell simple stories
• Give and respond to straightforward directions and instructions• Write assertive, negative and interrogative sentences
• Write a short structured composition following a model

ESLBO – High Beginner

• Maintain face-to-face conversations on familiar topics
• Use short sentences to give opinions
• Skim a paragraph to find main idea and scan text to find specific information• Write simple and compound sentences in answering written questions
• Write a short composition following a teacher’s outline

ESLCO – Intermediate

• Take part in conversations on a range of topics
• Take notes from a passage using a graphic organizer in preparation for

• Identify a writer’s or character’s point of view
• Use a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences with some

• Write short expository paragraphs in response to a reading

ESLDO – High Intermediate

• Discuss or explain ideas or issues
• Identify and explain literary elements (theme character, plot and setting)• Identify facts and opinions
• Write a passage of 3 or more paragraphs to develop a central idea

ESLEO – Advanced

• Express, support and elaborate a point of view
• Analyze literary elements (themes, character, plot, setting)
• Infer meaning of unfamiliar words from context
• Write a coherent response to literature which analyses, interprets, and evaluates information and ideas