All students must have their immunization records up-to-date and certified by the Ottawa Public Health Department before they can attend school.

Step 1

Send copies of original immunization records to NSL Mondial. If the original record is not available, ask your doctor to complete and sign the immunization record form that came with the initial letter of acceptance.

Step 2

Send the completed form to the NSL Mondial and we will send the forms to the Ottawa Public Health Department to review.

Step 3

If additional immunization(s) are required, an immunization requirement form will be sent to you indicating which immunizations are required or need updating.  Please return the completed form showing any additional immunizations given by your doctor to NSL Mondial.

Step 4

When all of the required immunizations are complete, a Certificate of Immunization will be issued by the Ottawa Public Health Department and sent the student’s school.

 Important Note

  1. School entry might be delayed if immunizations have not been certified before school starts.
  2. It is recommended that immunizations be completed in your home country if possible. Clinics in Ottawa charge between $40 -$100 for this service.