Who is a custodian? What documents do I have to prepare for custodianship?

A custodian is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident designated by parents to provide care and be responsible for their minor child while he/she studies in Canada.

All minor applicants must supply a notarized declaration, one signed by the parent or legal guardians in the country of origin, as well as one signed by the custodian in Canada, stating that arrangements have been made for the custodian to act in place of parent.

  • Notarized (certify legally):
    To certify something such as a signature on a legal document as authentic or legitimate by affixing a notary’s stamp and signature
  • Notary Public:
    An officer who can witness and authenticate documents

In order  to proceed with the application process, the Custodianship Declaration Forms (Custodian and Parents/Guardian) must be signed and notarized by a lawyer or notary public. A photocopy of each document should be scanned or mailed to the NSL Mondial. The originals will be required when applying for a study permit.